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Our dynamic lab provides comprehensive training in Coding, a critical pillar of our STEM education program.

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At ROBO SCIENCE & CODING LAB, we acknowledge the pivotal role of coding in shaping the future tech visionaries. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to ignite creativity, foster logical reasoning, and build resilience – essential skills for every aspiring programmer.


Our seasoned experts, equipped with extensive knowledge of various programming languages, offer a nurturing and interactive learning environment. They guide students through the labyrinth of coding, from the fundamentals of syntax to the nuances of algorithms and data structures. This immersive and hands-on approach ensures that our students thoroughly understand the intricacies of coding, enabling them to unlock their full potential.

In Robo Science & Coding Lab´s sphere, нoung innovators grow, shedding fear. Through robotics, code, 3D design, in this lab, young minds will shine. Hands-on learning, skills take flight, in tech´s embrace, they find their might. With coding logic, robotics thrill, their creative dreams, they will fulfill. Science wonders unfold, mysteries reveal, in 3D printing, they shape the real. Innovative spirits, under our wing, we´ll help your child´s potential spring. In the heart of tech, may they find their glow, join us, and let their knowledge grow. Robo Science & Coding Lab, where dreams ignite, nurturing minds, shining bright.


Embark with us on an enlightening journey into the dynamic realm of coding. At ROBO SCIENCE & CODING LAB, your child´s zeal for coding and technology fuels our educational objective. From writing their first line of Python code to developing complex applications in JavaScript, ROBO SCIENCE & CODING LAB is the launchpad where your child´s dreams take shape.

So, come and unleash your child´s coding talent, and let their digital wizardry illuminate in the exciting world of coding at our state-of-the-art Coding Lab.

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Our Courses


Specialized training in robotics, a key component of our STEM education.


Comprehensive coding training, a critical pillar of our STEM education

3d printing
3d printing

Comprehensive training in 3D printing. Our expert-led STEM program fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and resilience in a supportive environment


Comprehensive training in various science disciplines. Our expert-led STEM program fosters curiosity, analytical thinking, and resilience in a nurturing environment

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What age range does Golden Minds cater to?

Golden Minds Daycare/Preschool serves kids aged 2-5. Our Children’s/Tutoring/Homeschooling Centers cater to ages 4-18.

What programs do You offer?

We provide diverse programs like Golden Spotlight, Robo Science & Coding Lab, Martial Arts Dojo, Chess & Wealth Club, Paint & Clay Workshop, Fencing Studio, Tutoring & Homeschooling Center, Farm-to-Table Cooking, Zen Garden, and Golden Wings.

What's the student-to-teacher ratio?

In daycare, one teacher typically oversees six children. Ratios can vary per program.

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Our staff are experienced professionals with relevant certifications and regular training in educational best practices.

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We don’t currently offer financial aid.

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Visit our Admissions page to learn about enrollment, schedule a tour, and submit an application.

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We prioritize safety with controlled access, emergency plans, and staff trained in first aid and child safety.

Do you provide meals?

We provide organic, balanced meals and snacks, accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies.

Do you offer transportation?

We assist families in finding local transportation options but do not provide it directly.

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Parents receive regular updates on child’s progress and events. Visit our Events & Blog section for latest news and resources.